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Timkee is your minimalist Jira time tracking tool for Mac

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Bare necessities

Explore the core features that make tracking your working hours as simple as possible. Stay tuned, there will be more to discover soon!

Easy login

  • No extra account necessary
  • Log in directly with your Atlassian account
  • Seamless integration with JIRA

Quick time tracking

  • Time log history
  • Quick selection of the last issues
  • Recent logs


  • Time logs still editable afterwards
  • Time and date customizable

Start an empty log

  • Track your time on an empty ticket to not interrupt your workflow
  • Assign a ticket afterwards
  • Quickly exchange tickets while tracking

Frequently asked questions

Timkee allows you to create, edit and delete JIRA time logs (automatically and manually) in an easy and convenient way. Timkee gives you a good and minimalist overview of the latest time logs you have created and can be accessed without opening JIRA right of your Mac′s status bar.

To use Timkee you will only need a JIRA account. No additional Timkee account is required. No data will be saved on Timkee from your Jira account.

Currently, Timkee is only available for MacOS. It is integrated in your Mac's tool bar for a nice and minimalist tracking experience.

Timkee automatically saves your timelogs in JIRA. If you use Tempo for JIRA they will also appear in Tempo. If required you can use Timkee to adjust and update timelogs at a later point.

Not yet, you need a JIRA account to login and connect the app.

Yes, it is possible to adjust the tracked time in Jira after it has been tracked. In Timkee you have the option to change the duration after you finished tracking your latest time logs.

No additional data is stored or tracked by Timkee. Timkee is designed to respect user privacy and does not collect or store any additional information.